How Meditation Can Help You Sleep Better

Whether you’re an insomniac or you have the occasional issue dropping off, meditation could be the tool that finally helps you to get the high quality of sleep that you deserve. In fact, studies have proven that meditation could increase sleep time, improve sleep quality, and make it easier to both fall and stay asleep. It’s a totally safe practice, and you will likely notice other benefits in your life from practising it too, such as being able to stay in the present moment more often. You can also use meditation with other sleep treatments, such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

Meditation is easy and costs you nothing, so what are you waiting for? Take a look at how it can help you to get a better night’s rest.

Learn to live in the present moment

Meditation is a fantastic tool for helping us to live in the present moment. With meditation, we are often guided to focus intently on one thing, like your breathing. We may also focus on an image in our minds. By learning to focus our energy in this way, we can learn to forget about the things we have to do tomorrow and the thoughts that seem to want to race through our minds at 100 miles per hour.

Meditation uses a variety of techniques, and many of them will contribute to better sleep. Deep breathing is important, and another technique called the ‘body scan’ is often used to focus on each area of the body and envision it relaxing before bed. By using these techniques you just might be able to ensure your body melts into your sheets and you finally manage to doze off with little hassle.

Work on stress reduction

Many of us lead stressful lives and have lots going on at once. Perhaps you have meetings, deadlines at work, and social commitments that you are thinking about. Meditation can help you to reduce the stress you have regarding these things, and can even help you to put things into perspective. Not only will you be able to stop feeling stressed before bed with regular meditation practice, you should find you feel less stressed in general, too.

Avoid getting frustrated

Sometimes, not being able to sleep can be a vicious cycle. You struggle to sleep, you get frustrated, and then those thoughts and feelings keep you awake even longer. You can't control every thought that pops into your head, but you are absolutely responsible for the way you experience them. When you have thoughts of frustration and unease arise, you can respond with more awareness and acceptance for them, which will help them to eventually dissolve and ensure you fall asleep much faster.

We spend around a third of our lifetime in bed, so making sure we are getting plenty of high quality sleep is crucial if we’re going to feel great every day. Meditation is a practice that has mental, spiritual, and physical benefits for all. Try it tonight and see what happens!

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