Top 7 New AFFORDABLE Amazon Home Decor Finds that Look LUXURIOUS for Spring 2021

Top 7 New AFFORDABLE Amazon Home Decor Finds that Look LUXURIOUS for Spring 2021

In the past year Amazon has sky rocketed into becoming the one stop shop for all things including home décor. In fact, our brand Elizabeth Samuel® has a store front on Amazon. We wanted to share 7 new Affordable Amazon home decor finds that look LUXURIOUS for spring 2021. These finds will make your space look luxurious without breaking the bank.

1.) Black Velvet Pillow Covers

There velvet pillow covers have a beautiful sheen to them and adds texture to your space and the best part is that they do not accumulate lint or pet hair

Black Velvet Pillows

2.)  Wood Garland

This affordable garland adds texture and interest to your coffee table or entry table.

Wood garland

3.) Geometric Vessel Set

These black and white vessel sets add interesting shapes and dimension. These would be a perfect way to add a modern twist to your living room.

Geometric Vessel Set

4.) Adjustable gold colored pharmacy lamp

These pharmacy style lamps add an elegant touch to your space without breaking the bank

adjustable gold colored pharmacy lamp

5.) Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo bedding can be very expensive but this 6-piece bedsheet set is made of high-quality bamboo and made durable to last for years to come. Choose from a wide selection of colors!

Bamboo Bed sheets

6.) 3 piece vase set

At only $25 dollars this set is a steal! We love the neutral rustic ivory color and the different shapes help to add dimension to your space.

3 piece vase set

7.) Decorative coffee table book set

This three piece decorative coffee table book set adds an elegant touch to your coffee table and at only $39 this is a great deal!

Decorative coffee table book set


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