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Elizabeth Samuel

Electric candle lighter set of 4

Electric candle lighter set of 4

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    • Lighters for Candles - Because the electric lighter designs are flameless make it 100% windproof, you will be able to use and get it to light up the candle, this is great for you because it will suitable for a variety of usage scenarios.
    • Candle Wick Trimmer - A long handle and comfortable design, which means that you can cut and maintain your wicks at a safe burning length of 1/4”.
    • Candle Flame Snuffer - Bell jar design, which means to you, can easily extinguish candles, which means you have a perfect way to eliminate the chance of wax and soot getting on the wall, without the risk, of hot wax blowing anywhere.
    • Candle Wick Dipper - The wick dipper allows you to move a shifted wick, and carefully remove debris.
    • Candle Accessory Set - The package includes everything you need to maintain a safe burn and extend the life of your favorite candles; the matte black candle accessory tools set will always look brand new!


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